• I definitely recommend Jay Granberry!
    If you are reading this, you are probably in a very scary situation for yourself or someone you love facing serious charges. Pause, take a breath, pray, and read on.

    I definitely recommend Jay Granberry!

    Our son and his girlfriend were arrested for having a small amount of an illegal substance in his off-campus home. Our son got sick and his girlfriend was naturally scared for him, so she called 911 for an ambulance. Instead of an ambulance, the CS PD came. They rushed in uninvited and searched our son’s room without permission. Eventually, they saw that she was right in calling the ambulance, and radioed to ask for one.

    Rather than praising her for calling for help, and maybe charging them with something like possession, they painted them both as drug dealers and hit them with class one felony charges for manufacturing and delivery (up to life in prison)! The cops shared the arrest with the College Station newspaper, and these two students were painted in the media as some sort of “Bonnie and Clyde”. As a side note, I am a former police officer. The officers that responded to the scene went way overboard to destroy both of their lives… we needed high-powered help.

    Because our son and his girlfriend were both charged, they needed separate lawyers. Our son’s girlfriend is paying her own way through school, so she couldn’t afford her own attorney. Without hesitation, we decided to help her; and that’s when we found Jay Granberry. He didn’t have a lot of online reviews at the time, so we took the time to meet with him. Jay spent all of the time we needed to get to know him, his approach, and his thoughts on the kids’ cases. Because he was going to be our son’s girlfriend’s attorney (we were only footing the bill), he took the time one-on-one with her to ensure she was comfortable and confident. (Jay did allow us to pay his retainer over time.)

    Throughout the case, we spoke with our son’s attorney and with Jay. The two attorneys have somewhat different communication styles. The thing I appreciated about Jay is that he told us the truth about the good and bad of what the outcomes could be. He was always there to talk whenever we needed.

    Almost a year to the day later, she received a letter from the Brazos County prosecutor that her arrest was rejected, and that all charges were dropped!

    I can’t guarantee that everyone will have these results. But I wholeheartedly recommend Jay!

    Here’s a summary of what to expect:
    * If you wonder whether hiring Jay is worth the cost, he absolutely is!
    * Take the time to tell him what you want the outcome to be. In our case, it was making sure our son’s and his girlfriend’s futures were not forever destroyed.
    * If he thinks you will benefit from stretching the process out, do it.
    * Listen to and do what he says. He is a former prosecutor and knows what he’s talking about. But don’t be afraid to tell him what’s on your mind, and what you want.
    * If you ever have periods of fear and doubt, call him. He let us call and talk it through anytime we wanted. He always made time for us.

    - Former Client

  • They do it right and have my total trust.

    Referred to me by another attorney's office. Hired him to represent Grandson attending A&M re marijuana charge. The day I was notified of this matter while on vacation, we hired Mr. Granberry by phone from a parking lot in California. Did so based on his friendly, totally professional assessment of the case and straight forward demeanor in that phone call. I came away from that call convinced he would treat my grandson as more than just a "case".

    He interviewed grandson put him at ease and moved forward with the case efficiently and effectively. The proceedings went exactly as he described for the agreed fee with no hidden surprises. He and his office were thoroughly responsive throughout the process and while being totally professional were very supportive of my miscreant grandson. Provided much more than just legal service, although that was first rate. They do it right and have my total trust. Highly recommend this firm and Mr. Granberry.

    - John

  • He constantly exceeded my expectations when it came to my case.
    Jay was an extremely poignant lawyer that provided me with all of the help I needed and more. He constantly exceeded my expectations when it came to my case, and was always punctual as well. I would absolutely hire him again.

    - Former Client

  • He addressed any and all questions and concerns I may have had in a timely and highly educated manner no matter what time of day it was.
    Jay Granberry is by far one the best lawyers in B/CS he worked tirelessly and with great amounts of effort for me. He addressed any and all questions and concerns I may have had in a timely and highly educated manner no matter what time of day it was. If it weren't for him I wouldn't be so fortunate as to be able to commend him as I am now. He is compassionate, fair, understanding, and I have the utmost respect for him. I am forever grateful.

    - Former Client

  • I'm more than happy with my results and wouldn't hesitate to refer him!
    I consulted three attorneys in Brazos County and hired Jay because he was professional, approachable, and had creative ideas to help my case. Jay was always candid with me and has been accessible the entire way. I'm more than happy with my results and wouldn't hesitate to refer him!

    - Former Client

  • Extremely grateful for his ability to clear me of those charges.

    It’s been a few years since I reached out to Jay Granberry through the recommendation from my Grandmother. I had 2 tickets against me for a DUI in the parking lot at Texas A&M along with a possession charge from marijuana.

    Not only was Mr. Granberry extremely professional with guiding me out of trouble he was able to drop both charges from my record and I did little to nothing other than taking some pee tests and showing up to court 2 days without even having to speak to anyone other than him.

    As I said it’s been a few years since he helped me with my case but there has been many opportunities since that I didn’t miss out on that make me extremely grateful for his ability to clear me of those charges.

    Would definitively recommend Mr. Granberry for anyone in similar trouble with the law and thank you sir for helping me keep a clean record.

    - Jacob

  • Although it seemed like getting past everything I went through would be impossible, he made it easy.

    Mr. Grandberry was there to help me in the blink of an eye. He helped me so much, and he was there to help whenever I needed to talk to him. Although it seemed like getting past everything I went through would be impossible, he made it easy, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

    - Cathryn

  • He did everything in his power to get me the judgement I wanted.
    Mr Granberry did a very good job in representing me throughout my legal process. He did everything in his power to get me the judgement I wanted. I will be recommending him to people in the future.

    - Robert

  • I don't feel I just hired a attorney I feel in my heart I gained a true friend.
    I was referred to Jay over 12 years ago due to a poor decision involving a firearm. As I quickly learned a good legal defense does not come instantly, but I was told from day one by Jay that this was a process and could take some time. I am not a patient person, and I am a very strong willed person. Jay took the time to explain all the details, good and bad there was no sugar coating, and I knew from the first time I met him that he was the one I needed on my side. He is not scared to go above and beyond and he truly works for you! Multiple times I wanted things question and he would say these are the way this could go one of two ways are you willing to accept the later of the two? And if my hard headed self said yes Jay would ask it at court, he is not scared to keep everyone happy on the other side. He works for you and only you! He will turn heads in the court room if need be. He has tons of courtroom experience and unlike other attorneys I consulted is willing to go above and beyond and not try to convince you to accept the first deal they offer you. I was offered many deals and accrued a extra misdemeanor charge by refusing a plea deal. None of which mattered in the end since they all got dismissed, thanks to a amazing legal defense! Jay is not a 9-5 Lawyer many times I had a question a 7pm on a Saturday and would get a response at least by text if not a phone call that very night! He is a busy man because he really cares about his cases and I don't feel I just hired a attorney I feel in my heart I gained a true Friend throughout the entire experience! God Bless you Jay and me and my family cannot ever thank you enough for all your hard work and caring style.

    - Sabrina

  • He is a great attorney and will work hard for you.

    My family hired jay to help me deal with numerous cases that I got caught up in while attending college, he was always available and answered all my questions, he did a great job with my cases, considering what I was looking at and helped me with legal trouble and also deal with my driver liecens. He not only communicated with me but my family as well, he even would communicate with me out of office hours. He is a great attorney and will work hard for you.

    - Former Client

  • Kept me inform about the status of the case and what I needed to do to get this ticket taken care of.
    I hired Jay to take care of a ticket that I received from a College Station police officer .. As soon as I spoke with him in his office he started on my case and kept me inform about the status of the case and what I needed to do to get this ticket taken care of ... I would recommend him to anyone who needs criminal representation..

    - Former Client

  • He was always available for questions and had answers for everything I asked.

    He was always available for questions and had answers for everything I asked. Went above and beyond to help me with my case, even going back to the DA's office multiple times. Would go back in future cases.

    - Former Client

  • You won’t find a better attorney to represent you.
    If you are reading this we know how you must feel.
    We were devastated when our daughter was arrested – fifteen years poured into a life to be irreversibly damaged by a bad decision.
    Heartbroken were we.
    We did our research just as you are now, and my wife “just knew in her heart” that Jay was the attorney to represent us and wow, was she ever right!
    From our first conversation, Jay listened and it was obvious that he cared.
    Jay did his research - gathered the facts about the case and patiently explained our options, suggesting a course of action, and what results might be possible.
    Through his experience, expertise and diligence, Jay gave our daughter a way to accept the consequences of her actions and avoid a permanent mark on her public record.
    It’s up to her now to follow the court orders, and if she does, she can have a clean slate.
    If you’ve read this far, call and talk to Jay about your situation, you won’t find a better attorney to represent you.

    - Richard

  • Quick and professional assistance throughout the whole case.

    I had went to the courthouse the day before my court date to see what all I needed to bring, and was asked if I was going to represent myself. My stomach was in knots because I had talked to a lawyer months before and he informed me that I did not need a lawyer. I called a good friend of mine from Bryan and she recommended Jay. I called that day and told him about my situation and that court was tomorrow- he immediately began working his magic and made me feel at ease. Mr. Granberry consistently provided me with quick and professional assistance throughout the whole case and I never was left wondering what was going on or the status of my case. My ticket was dismissed and I could not be more thankful for Mr. Granberry- amazing is an understatement!

    - Former Client

  • I was given a NOT GUILTY by the jury!
    3 years ago, I was accused of DWI and felt helpless. Jay was highly recommended by a lawyer who works at the college where I taught. From my first meeting with him he inspired confidence that my life wasn't over and was very patient with my constant questions and concern.
    He said we had nothing to risk going to trial, so we did.
    In just our 2nd day of court I was given a NOT GUILTY by the jury! Jay was extremely impressive and showed professionally how much the DA's case came up short. I walked out of the courtroom and experienced such tremendous relief!
    I can't thank him enough for the dedicated effort he gave my case and I'm happy to tell that to anyone.

    - Former Client

  • Best Attorney in Town - Gets Me "Not Guilty"

    I hired Jay Granberry for help with a felony case. I originally thought that I was facing jail time, but he assured me I wasn't. I found him to be very helpful and understanding. He was very nice and even let me stay at his office on a couch while we awaited a verdict. He was able to explain my situation to me clearly, telling me my options and that I'd probably get probation instead of jail-time. He was very adept at his job and argued well in court. My case was a jury trial that ultimately ruled not guilty, thanks to him.

    - Former Client

  • Where to turn after things hit the fan? Granberry is a go!
    Recently Granberry defended and represented me with one mission in mind, to bring justice to my doorstep.
    As a young adult I made a mistake but as humans we all will. I didn't know what to do but Jay step'd in and I was relived. Drug charges are not fun but Jay was reasonable, patient and caring towards my case.
    Gratitude is an understatement when it comes to how I feel due to how he professionally yet argumentative handled my case. Thank you again Jay. If you're looking for someone that truly cares and delivers superb service Granberry is a GO!

    - Francisco

  • He works magic with a jury!
    Mr. Grandberry was truly amazing in navigating his way to a victory in the murky waters of the Brazos County judicial system. The odds were stacked in the favor of the prosecution. They had a retired very strict judge sitting on the bench especially for me. He overruled almost all of the objections and motions that Jay had tried to file in my case. Thank God it didn't deter Mr Grandberry. He kept on fighting. I am a African American and we had a complete non black jury assembled for me but Mr Grandberry kept on fighting.. The prosecution decided to try my case with two experienced trial lawyers instead of one. Mr Grandberry still fought the great fight even though he was overmatched. Mr. Grandberry may be small in stature but he has the heart of a lion and the fight will and determination to get the job done on any criminal case that comes before him. He won't back down or let you down by throwing in the towel. Mr Grandberry will definitely represent you to the best of his ability and overcome all the obstacles set in his path to get the desired result in any Criminal case. NOT GUILTY! This guy is a truly amazing trial attorney.. He works magic with a jury. This was my third trial and I've never seen a better trial attorney in action. Not Guilty !!! Such a beautiful thing. Sweet music to my ears after fighting my case all of those years!! Thank you again Jay you did a awesome job. A true warrior and stand up guy in the courtroom!!!

    - Robert

  • Hands down the best lawyer to represent you.

    Jay Grandberry is hands down the best lawyer to represent you. He was very thorough in reading through the case details and recommending the best route to go. He is a lawyer you can definitely depend on to represent you to the fullest. I had a 1st degree felony charge that I was arrested for. With the help of Jay and his time and dedication on my case I was able to have these charges dropped. We never even stepped foot in the court house.

    - Former Client

  • Couldn't be more blessed to have found Jay Granberry.

    Long story short, Jay went above and beyond expectations when representing me in my case. He was very optimistic towards my case, other lawyers I saw weren't so much. I was actually referred to him by another criminal defense lawyer in town and was told Jay was a very knowledgable and well liked guy within the judicial system. From giving me advice, to setting me up with the right people, and battling for me in the court room, Jay showed his abilities to be superior. Now that my case has been resolved, Jay still helps me out by talking to my probation officers and working with me on any questions I may have. I paid Jay to be my lawyer back in 2013 and still to this day he is quick to respond and help me out if I have any questions or concerns about my future. Overall, he is the best I've seen and would have him defend my own child if, God forbid, he ever got in trouble as well.

    - Former Client

  • Thorough, attentive, and personable.

    Jay guided me through a case involving Public Intoxication and Evading Arrest. This was my first and only offense--I came to him with my head down and stomach knotted. Jay spent weeks trying to work out an arrangement with the county in which I might avoid serious punishment due to this fact. While this failed due to the seriousness of the offense, the result of his efforts was a significantly minimized sentence in the end. In the lead up to my hearing, Jay provided excellent counsel, breaking down all of my options in layman's terms and genuinely listening to my concerns. He always treated me with respect and compassion, reminding me that people make mistakes and never failing to make me feel a little better about the situation. This meant a lot to me--it signaled that he really was in my corner and not just collecting a paycheck. Jay and his staff ensured all documents were thoroughly compiled and sent to the county in a timely manner, ensuring my case moved through the system as quickly as possible. Before choosing Jay to represent me, I met with two other attorneys in the area. I have no doubt that I made the right choice in representation. It is due to Jay's expertise and experience in both prosecution and defense that I am still on track in my career. It is clear that he is not only a gifted attorney but also an extremely good man with a genuine desire to help his clients out when they slip up.

    - Robert

  • Hard Worker and Excellent Results.
    Mr. Jay Granberry was very helpful and efficient during the entire time we went through the trial process. He very clearly told me about my options and what he believed could be achieved through each avenue of the legal system. He gave very professional recommendations and guided me through the process. When I began this, I wasn't sure how it was going to end but Mr. Granberry was the perfect lawyer to help me with this situation. With his help, I was able to be declared not guilty in my DWI charge. I would highly recommend him to any other person who is in a similar situation, because he is the lawyer for you.

    - Former Client

  • The best you could ask for
    I hired Jay almost 2 years ago after a DWI arrest and it was the best choice I could of made! Not only did he give me confidence about my case, but he made me feel as if my life was not over after getting that ticket. He was with me every step of the way and is great at communicating. Any questions that I had or if I just wanted to check up on things, he was always reachable and never hesitated on helping me in anyway he could. He fought for me and we ended up getting a deal that I was worried wouldn't be possible and for that I could not thank him enough. Not only is he a great lawyer but an even better person who made me feel that this ticket was just a little bump in the road and he helped me move past it!

    - Former Client

  • If there is a way Jay will deliver

    Jay Granberry was my first account with an attorney, and I can say, I have dealt with none like him since that time. Jay was able to help me through my Misdemeanor charge, and helped clean my record so I may continue on with my career without long lasting effect.

    - Former Client

  • Trustworthy and Knowledgeable

    I felt that I was the only client Jay had since he worked very hard on my case. Jay is trustworthy and knowledgeable regarding the law. I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Former Client

  • A trial champion in your corner!

    I had the privilege of having Jay Granberry represent me in a case a few years ago. With a DWI charge, in a county with a reputation for zero tolerance on alcohol arrests, I wasn't sure who to turn to. Mr. Granberry was recommended to us by several lawyers in the area as the best attorney for tough cases.
    Jay is honest, straightforward, tough, dedicated, highly intelligent, and most importantly, experienced.
    He explained the facts, my options, chances of winning in trial, and gave me back my hope, the first day in his office.
    The prosecutors offered plea deals, Mr. Granberry advised we could do better than what they offered. So we took the case to trial where, day after day, he persistently fought my case with untiring passion and enthusiasm.
    Jay won us a not guilty verdict! Which, in an alcohol tough court was the talk of the courthouse.
    Being young and having a DWI on my record would have seriously stunted my career options and future. Mr. Granberry succeeded in preventing this incident from tarnishing my future, and for that I will always be grateful.

    If you need a defense attorney, Jay Granberry is THE guy for you. He's a champion in your corner!

    - Former Client

  • Excellent Service and Representation
    Our family recently hired Jay Granberry to represent us in a legal matter that was unfamiliar and unnerving to us. In our initial meeting, Jay reviewed the case and laid out the various options around jury trial, settlement, plea bargain, etc. We quickly gained knowledge and understanding of the situation and found ourselves feeling better about the ultimate outcome. Throughout the legal process, Jay and his staff kept us apprised of progress, hearings and other matters. When it came time for the hearing, we were prepared and came away feeling good about the outcome. Our family recommends Jay Granberry and truly appreciates his service and commitment.

    - Former Client